Hats vs Fascinators - What Headwear For Your Occasion?

Posted On: 2017-02-09 15:55:29 ; Read: 914 time(s)

So you're gearing up for that Special Occasion later in the year, you're no doubt thinking about the ideal outfit to turn some heads and rightly so! But outfit aside, your look just won't be complete without the right piece of head gear to really stand you out from the crowd! It's often difficult to decide on just what's right for you. There are many people who just "don't do hats" just as there are as many who "don't do fascinators" and for those who fall on either side, your choice is already made! But for those who perhaps are a little new to Occasionwear, a first-time Mother of the Bride or Groom or someone just looking to try something different for a change, where do you start?


It's always a good idea to check if there is a specific dress code for your event, particularly with the Races; the Royal Ascot re-evaluated their dress code in 2012 to no longer allow ladies to wear fascinators, only hats. When selecting your outift, it follows to choose a hat which compliments the colour of the whole ensemble while also flattering your skin tone. Warmer colours such as a Blush or Champagne work best with a pale skin tone while darker skin tones allow a little more leeway in the colour you select. If you're a shorter lady, look for a hat with an upturned brim, this will help to make you appear taller as it draw the eyes up. In contrast, taller ladies should look at downturned brims.


Generally, a fascinator is defined as headwear that makes use of a comb, clip or headband rather than sitting on a "base" as a hat would. A fascinator completes your look by drawing attention not just upward, but to your hair! Take the opportunity to try a stunning new hairstyle with no risk of "hat hair"! Fascinators can be worn all day so there's no need to worry about taking it off at any point during your Special Occasion. Generally, fascinators come in a much wider and varied range of sizes, shapes and styles, so depending on your figure, you can choose something more specific to you to add width up top or simply have something detailed and pretty to draw the eye. If you wear glasses, a fascinator is often a more suitable option than a hat.

We believe the best way to know for sure is to simply try some on! You can view a small selection of our range of beautfiul hats and fascinators right HERE but there are so many more to choose from in-store. Official headwear to accompany outfits by designers including John CharlesCondici and Ispirato to name but a few, as well as stunning styles from Vixen Millinery and Failsworth to compliment any outfit.

If you haven't already, click right here to Book Your Appointment, our Personal Shoppers are always here and happy to help you discover your perfect outfit and complete your look!

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