Prom Horror Stories - Is Your Prom Dress From An Authorised Retailer?

Posted On: 2017-07-26 16:57:54 ; Read: 662 time(s)

Attention all Prom Girls looking forward to their 2018 Prom! Don't make these mistakes!

Thanks to Bored Panda for their article on the horrors of purchasing what you expect to be your dream Prom Dress online and immediately regretting that decision once the dress finally arrives. Yes, sadly for every dazzling Sherri Hill or Jovani prom dress, there's a cheap imitation available online, masquerading as the real thing. These poor girls who've graciously shared tweets of their Prom Dress horror stories have had to find out the hard way.

The moral of the story is NOT to avoid purchasing your Prom Dress online though. Though we do highly recommend visiting our boutique in person to experience our huge Prom Dress range first hand, we do of course offer the option to order your ideal dress online. So how can you be sure you're getting the genuine article? Easy. We're an AUTHORISED RETAILER! Most major Prom Dress designers, as with many fashion labels, list their UK and international stockists on their official website. So if you've found that must-have Mac Duggal fitted dress, a stunning Sherri Hill two-piece or an unmistakeably sparkly Angel Forever fishtail, head straight to the designer's website to confirm that your stockist is an authorised retailer!

Molly Browns is an Authorised UK Stockist of a huge collection of beautiful Prom and Evening Dresses from designers including Sherri Hill, JovaniLa Femme, Mac DuggalAngel Forever, Mori Lee, Tony BowlsTerani CoutureColors DressEleni Elias and many more. You can click any of those names to confirm that.

If you're planning for your 2018 Prom Dress, we recommend looking sooner rather than later. The latest Prom collections will start to appear on our website around September and October and the earlier you look, the more choice you'll have! At Molly Browns, if we don't have the exact dress, size or colour that you're looking for, we can certainly look at ordering it especially for you to ensure your Prom Dress Experience is that little bit extra special! Rest assured of the genuine quality and official designer Prom Dresses you can expect when shopping with us at Molly Browns in York!

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