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Sherri Hill Prom Dress Collection 2017

Posted On: 2016-11-22 16:59:24 ; Read: 303 time(s)
Sherri Hill's 2017 Prom Dress Collection is finally here and we absolutely love it! Here's a little taste of the beautiful prom dresses on offer, be sure to check out all the rest in-store and online! [...]

Mac Duggal Prom Dress Collection 2017

Posted On: 2016-11-05 16:18:40 ; Read: 350 time(s)
Today we're proud to unveil some gorgeous Prom Dresses from Mac Duggal! They've outdone themselves this year, we're sure you'll agree! [...]

Mori Lee Prom Dress Collection 2017

Posted On: 2016-11-03 15:19:56 ; Read: 383 time(s)
We're so excited to share the latest stunning Prom Dress collections for 2017! Including these absolutely gorgeous dresses from Mori Lee! [...]

Eleni Elias Prom Dress Collection 2017

Posted On: 2016-11-03 14:57:49 ; Read: 312 time(s)
A tiny tease of the beautiful new Prom Dresses from Eleni Elias, for the first time at Molly Browns! We know you'll love them! [...]

Terani Couture Prom Dress Collection 2017

Posted On: 2016-11-01 15:09:42 ; Read: 347 time(s)
We reveal and exciting taster of the beautiful 2017 Prom Dresses from Terani Couture! We're so excited to share the latest stunning Prom Dress collections with you! [...]

Jovani Prom Dress Collection 2017

Posted On: 2016-11-01 14:26:26 ; Read: 329 time(s)
Come and enjoy an exciting tease of the stunning 2017 Prom Dresses from Jovani! We're so excited to share the latest stunning Prom Dress collections with you! [...]

Louise Mansen Teddy Bears & Bunnies

Posted On: 2016-10-26 11:22:30 ; Read: 278 time(s)
Louise Mansen's adorable cuddly bears and bunnies like Dawn, Tatiana, Meredith, Edda the Ballerina and Kacy Bunny are all in need of a loving home and we're sure you'll love them as much as we do! [...]

Latest Prom Dress Collections for 2017

Posted On: 2016-10-25 16:51:48 ; Read: 349 time(s)
It's one of our favourite times of the year here at Molly Browns! We're almost ready to reveal the absolutely stunning 2017 Prom Dress collections from Sherri Hill, Jovani, La Femme, Mac Duggal, Mori Lee, Terani Couture and Eleni Elias! [...]

Crystal Daisy Jewellery Collection - Sparkle This Christmas!

Posted On: 2016-10-26 12:08:17 ; Read: 247 time(s)
Complete your Winter wardrobe and sparkle this Christmas with something from this beautiful selection of jewellery. Available in two styles, Large Daisy and Small Daisy, and a whole rainbow of colours, with a wide choice of necklaces, bracelets, rings and stud or drop earring variations. [...]

Bukowski Soft Toys & Teddy Bears

Posted On: 2016-10-18 17:25:01 ; Read: 312 time(s)
Lovely collection of beautiful Bukowski teddy bears and soft toys, the perfect gift for Christmas! Each one has it's own name and unique feel and they all need a loving home! [...]

Winter Style - All New Winter Accessories

Posted On: 2016-10-18 16:57:39 ; Read: 231 time(s)
Our new range of stylish Winter Accessories include gorgeous faux-fur hats, scarves, jackets, gloves, huffs, wrist warmers, collars and stoles as well as woolen gloves and mittens. Comfortable, elegant and cosy, we're sure you'll love them as much as we do! [...]

New Autumn / Winter Daywear from Soma London

Posted On: 2016-09-30 11:13:56 ; Read: 253 time(s)
Looking for something stylish as the weather turns a bit chilly? These new cardigans, jackets and dresses from Soma London are among our very favourites! Beautifully embellished with ornate lace designs, frills, beads and pearls, Soma London's Autumn/Winter collections are comfortable, practical and effortlessly stylish all at once! [...]

The Perfect Bridal Shoes!

Posted On: 2016-09-30 10:08:27 ; Read: 326 time(s)
We're proud to introduce just the tiniest taster of our new stunning Wedding Shoes range for the all-important bride! Fresh from the Perfect Bridal Company come these gorgeous and elegant shoes. [...]

Prom Dress Appointments - Book Now for October Half Term!

Posted On: 2016-09-19 15:31:08 ; Read: 257 time(s)
Molly Browns is now booking Prom Dress appointments looking ahead for 2017. With many of the latest stunning collections arriving early, there's no better time than now to book your Personal Shopper Appointment and find your Prom Dress! With amazing new dresses like these from Sherri Hill, as well as Jovani, La Femme, Mac Duggal, Mori Lee and many [...]

Condici & Ispirato - New Mother Of The Bride & Occasion Outfits

Posted On: 2016-09-06 16:56:23 ; Read: 1664 time(s)
Being specialists in Mother Of The Bride & Groom outfits, we know a thing or two about dressing for a special occasion! It gives us great pleasure to continue to bring all new elegant dresses and outfits from some of our favourite designers, Ispirato and Condici, to York this November! [...]

Failsworth Hats & Fascinators

Posted On: 2016-09-02 16:49:51 ; Read: 448 time(s)
On trend and stylish designs to compliment your look for your special occasion. Whether you're attending a wedding, as Mother of the Bride or Groom or a guest, heading off to the races or an elegant party or event, look no further than Failsworth's sophisticated hats and fascinators. [...]

Pretty You Slippers - Relaxed & Glamorous

Posted On: 2016-09-02 16:23:56 ; Read: 363 time(s)
Pretty You slippers, adding a touch of glamour to your relaxation time, at home or the spa. So delicately soft, these slippers will have you comfortable whether you're putting your feet up or not! [...]

Molly Browns Presents... John Charles Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Posted On: 2016-07-15 13:48:33 ; Read: 377 time(s)
All new stunning outfits by John Charles, elegantly made for all shapes and sizes. John Charles’ exquisite occasionwear never ceases to amaze us! [...]

Eleni Elias Is Coming To Molly Browns!

Posted On: 2016-08-25 17:29:15 ; Read: 233 time(s)
Molly Browns is excited to bringing a stunning range of Eleni Elias dresses to you in early 2017! Here's just a taste of the beautiful and elegant collection, suitable for any occasion, from an evening dress to the mother of the bride! [...]

Molly Browns Presents... Sherri Hill Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Posted On: 2016-07-15 13:40:05 ; Read: 276 time(s)
Wow! Sherri has blown us all away once again with her amazing new collection. Whether it’s a Winter wedding, Christmas party or a dinner date, Sherri Hill has just the thing for you! [...]