Antica Sartoria

Antica Sartoria's beautiful collection of Summer and beachwear, dresses, tunics and tops hails from Positano, Italy. The 60s fashion phenomenon known as "Moda Positano" saw traders turned tailors improvise new clothing by shredding scarves, line and cotton towels into elegant dresses and gowns; eventually leading to the invention of the tie-dyeing technique. It's legacy is carried on by designers Giacomo Cinque and Riccardo Ruggiti today, fashioning stunning, comfortable and unique garments perfect for the hot Summer weather.

Antica Sartoria's lightweight lace collection is testament to their status as a leading brand for beachwear. Their aim is to spread Positano's culture and spirit worldwide. Featuring gorgeous lace daywear and dresses, Antica Sartoria's beautiful range is perfect for the Summer weather, holidays abroad or even just a stroll through the city streets, you'll be turning heads wherever you go!

Antica Sartoria's latest collections can be found in Molly Browns in York and Beverley