Prom Dress Top Tips - 1. The Dress To Compliment Your Body Shape

Posted On: 2017-01-19 13:37:46 ; Read: 8634 time(s)

It's nearly here girls! In just a few months time, you'll be all ready to make your entrance at your 2017 School Prom! You may well have been looking forward to it for longer than you can remember and you're no doubt already thinking about what you're going to wear on this momentous occasion! As York's leading Prom Dress specialists, we thought we'd put together a few of our TOP TIPS to help you make that all important decision...

1. The Dress To Compliment Your Body Shape

We all want to look our absolute best, whatever the occasion, and the important thing to remember is to focus on your body type. Not height or weight, but the SHAPE of your body. Here are a few little considerations and tips on how to boost your best bits!

Fitted dresses are the way forward here. Choose a prom dress that has a fitted top-half and hugs the waist to eccentuate your curves. Dresses like the stunning Sherri Hill 50730 and Colors M140 (both available in a range of striking colours) are the perfect thing for girls with an hourglass figure. Open necklines and an emphasis on the waistline are also key things to think about.

Embellished top-halves help to bring balance and an even focus to your upper body. Coupling this with a fishtail or princess-style lower-half adds volume that can work to either flaunt or disguise, depending on your preference, while eccentuating your defined waistline! The Sherri Hill 50516 is beautifully embellished with sequins from top to bottom and creates a truly gorgeous shape, Sherri Hill's 51061 is a dazzling two-piece with a detailed top and flowing voluminous skirt, putting that stunning waistline front and centre.

Those with a more slender body type looking to add some curves and shape, look at prom dresses with detail such as cut-outs or a belt around the waistline, asymmetric necklines or a slit in the lower-half. Dresses like Sherri Hill's 50867 have a simple elegance while creating shape via the cut-outs around the waistline and leg. Similarly Sherri Hill's 50805 uses cut-outs to create the illusion of a more hourglass shape while the bold blue (or black) colour brings a focus to the upper body and hips.

Not unlike the Straight body type, consider a prom dress that creates shape, particularly around your waist. Dresses with a belt detail like Jovani's 49790 use embellishment around the waist and neck, creating dimension and shape. Alternatively, dresses that offer a distinction between the upper and lower half like La Femme's 24572, coupled with a fuller skirt can help camouflage your middle while drawing attention to your neckline.

You can view our entire selection of 2017 Prom Dresses (including all those above) from designers including Sherri HillJovaniLa FemmeMac Duggal and Mori Lee by clicking right HERE.

Don't forget to book your appointment and secure your Perfect Prom Dress today!

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