Prom Dress Top Tips - 2. What Do You Want Your Prom Dress To Say About You?

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It's nearly here girls! In just a few months time, you'll be all ready to make your entrance at your 2017 School Prom! You may well have been looking forward to it for longer than you can remember and you're no doubt already thinking about what you're going to wear on this momentous occasion! As York's leading Prom Dress specialists, we thought we'd put together a few of our TOP TIPS to help you make that all important decision...

2. What Do You Want Your Prom Dress To Say About You?

Your Prom Dress is one dress that you're going to remember forever! You'll have countless photos of you: making your entrance, looking fabulous with that special prom date of yours, busting some moves on the dancefloor - all over social media! With that in mind, the dress you choose should say something about YOU and make a statement that EVERYONE will remember!

If you're the kind of ​girl who believes in "less is more" then a classic Black Prom Dress may be the way to go. It offers a slender look and invites a bit of fun experimenting with your eye makeup and accessorizing with some sparkly jewellery and heels! One of our personal favourite dresses to achieve this look is Sherri Hill's 50730, simple and sophisticated. Jovani 42240 and Eleni Elias E784 go a step further in adding a touch of embellishment around the neckline for you, adding a touch of that classic Prom sparkle with an elegant and understated style.

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While long dresses tend to be more traditional Prom attire, if you're the kind of girl who likes to stand out (particularly on the dancefloor) consider a shorter Cocktail Prom Dress! Don't forget your heels! With a shorter dress, your choice of shoe becomes all the more important to complete your perfect look! Sherri Hill's 50845 and 50505 are stunning examples of stylish cocktail or party dresses with bold colours to ensure all eyes are on you! Terani Couture 1622C1338 is another lovely option with a more classic blush colour palette and gorgeous floral design.

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If you're the athletic type with a defined waistline and a tummy to die for, you simply can't go wrong with a beautiful Two-Piece Prom Dress! Grab the attention your hard-work and toned physique deserves! Sherri Hill's 2017 Prom Dress Collection include stunning styles like 5080551118 and 50866. A little tip for added value - Pair the upper or lower pieces with some of your other lovely wardrobe options and you've got a whole new beautiful outfit for another day!

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Another classic style for the girl who likes a bit of drama. Instantly eye-catching and easy to accessorize, a bold Red Prom Dress lets everyone know you aren't afraid to stand out. The gorgeously detailed Sherri Hill 51096 offers a backless illusion with an intricate sequin design, while 50496 is a contemporary and striking take on the more traditional Prom gown. The backless La Femme 24351 is sure to draw some attention to your back and shoulders so get your hair done for that truly knockout look!

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For the girl who loves to flaunt her curves, a Fishtail Prom Dress eccentuates your beautiful body shape as you float gracefully across the dancefloor. If you're looking to make an impression or fancy your chances at that Prom Queen crown, this just might be the style for you! Mori Lee's 99070 is among our personal favourites this year, backless and sparkly for that true mermaid look. If you're looking for a fishtail dress that puts more focus upstairs, Terani Couture's 1711P2591 is a gorgeous and elegant option and if you really want to make a statement, look no further than Sherri Hill 50356.

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Nostalgia is really on-trend right now so for the girl who enjoys a touch of Hollywood glamour, look at a Vintage Style Prom Dress and embrace your inner superstar! Embellished and patterned styles that are both elegant and decadent are the key things to look out for. Mac Duggal 4481M is a simple yet stunning classic backless design, while Jovani's 36879 and 41269 offer both light and dark options that both ooze that vintage Hollywood style!

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Finally, if you're really looking to turn heads from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, let's talk sequins and jewels. No one will forget the beautiful girl in the gorgeous sparkling Head-Turning Prom Dress. In all kinds of shapes and styles to show everyone just who you are at your Prom, heavily embellished dresses such as Sherri Hill's 50516 (available in Red, Black and Royal Blue), the vintage-style 11289 and the fishtail 51114 are but a tiny sample of the dazzling selection of Prom Dresses that are here just waiting for you to pick them!

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You can view our entire selection of 2017 Prom Dresses (including all those above) from designers including Sherri HillJovaniLa FemmeMac Duggal and Mori Lee by clicking right HERE.

Don't forget to book your appointment and secure your Perfect Prom Dress today!

Be sure to check back soon for our next Top Tip!

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