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We're all soaking in the lovely festive season right now (and absolutely loving it!) but we know all too well that if you're in your final year at school or college, you'll already be anticipating your 2018 School Prom! You may already know who you're going with, but what are you going to wear?!  Well, as always, it's that time of year for us to proudly reveal our full range of the latest Designer Prom Dress styles for 2018! We house the largest collection of Prom and Evening Dresses in Yorkshire and the North of England, with hundreds of absolutely stunning dresses to choose from!

So without further ado... here's our little guide to just some of the fabulous options you have from our Sherri Hill Spring/Summer 2018 Collection


A hugely popular and elegant style, a figure-hugging Prom Dress creates a stunning silhouette. With luxurious jersey fabrics and shimmering sequinned pieces, Sherri Hill's 2018 fitted dresses are among the hallmarks of their exquisite style. In a wide range of colours and coupled with backless, fishtail or embellished features, our York boutiques are home to beautiful Prom Dresses such as 51947, 51783, 51692 and 51969 (pictured above).


A huge hit in the US, the two-piece Prom Dress is fast becoming a popular choice among Prom Girls in the UK! Allowing greater freedom of movement, if you're someone who loves to dance, as well as make a statement on the dancefloor, styles like 51724, 51843, 51966 and 51842 (pictured above) may be just the thing! There's the added bonus too that you can even repurpose the top or bottom pieces and add them to your wardrobe even beyond the Prom!


Another classicly popular and timeless style, Backless and Strapless dresses offer a truly head-turning look, complimenting your shape and allowing you to accessorise with some striking jewellery. For 2018 Sherri Hill have created some unusual and unique takes on the backless style including 517745163551566 and 51985 (pictured below) that we're sure you're going to fall in love with!


Perhaps the best choice for the Prom Girl with some serious moves, take to the dancefloor in a short Prom Dress! Cocktail-style dresses like 51958, 51793, 51670 and 51668 (pictured above) are both fun and stylish designs, inlcuding delicate patterning and floral prints that are totally on-trend right now! Don't forget your heels too! A short prom dress gives you the opportunity to pick out the perfect heels to complete your look, so show them off and strut your stuff!


Sherri Hill's Spring/Summer 2018 collection offers prom dresses designed specifically with the latest fashion trends in mind. Rose floral prints, vivid colours and dazzlingly embellished dresses will make a statement like nothing else on Prom night. Just look at stunning pieces like 51739, 51949, 51870 and 51661 (pictured below). Breathtaking. Need we say more?


The absolute classic Prom Dress, this ball gown style is perfect for the Prom Princess looking to sweep across the dancefloor in all her glory. Pieces like Sherri Hill's 51690, 51631, 51903 and 51562 (pictured above) offer a diverse range of takes on this classic cut. Whether you're looking for something backless, embellished with sequins and diamantes or a delicate lacey fabrics, you'll find the perfect thing here.


For the girl who loves to flaunt her curves, a Fishtail (or Mermaid) Prom Dress eccentuates your beautiful body shape as you float gracefully across the dancefloor. For 2018, dresses including 517875157151915 and 51808 (pictured below) are available in a wide range of stunning colours and styles and are among our most popular dresses year after year. If you're looking to make an impression or fancy your chances at that Prom Queen crown, this just might be the style for you!

All these dresses and many more are available now! Our Designer range includes Angel ForeverJovaniMac DuggalLa FemmeMori LeeTerani Couture and Tarik Ediz so we highly recommend a visit to our York boutique to experience the full range of 2018 Prom Dresses for yourself! Appointments aren't necessary though we recommend booking at weekends or during the holidays. We're open every day, including Sunday!

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